Jen Rian Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

FUN!!! I truly enjoy what I do and I want you to enjoy it as well! Before your session, we will meet to get to know each other and design a session that truly represents you and/or your unique beautiful family! The day of the session, I will talk, laugh and play with you (and your children) to capture your personality in the photos. Feel free to bring any personal items that you would like to include in your session. My goal is to make you (and your family) feel relaxed, playful, fun and ultimately be your beautiful self. 


What should I wear?

Wear something that is comfortable, makes you feel confident and that represents you! For families I recommend choosing clothing similar in style and colors. Children typically look best in bright and bold colors. Layering clothes always looks great! Accessories often will add a special touch to the outfit. Choose clothing without brand names written on the front or busy patterns; these typically do not photograph well. Keep it simple, keep it fun and keep it you! 


When will I receive my photos?

Typically around 1 to 3 weeks after your session, I will load your professionally edited photos to an online private viewing gallery. Pictures will be professionally edited, some offered in black & white or other editing tricks and all in high resolution. I will usually post a sneak peek photo of the session on my website and/or Facebook page within a few days of your session. You will receive a signed photo release to allow you to print and share the photos at your liesure.


Do you photograph special events and parties?

Yes, absolutely! I approach them documentary style. Acting like a fly on the wall, listening closely for laughter and photographing the party in action, people soon forget that I am roaming about. I am available for birthday parties, graduations, family reunions and other special events. 


What if it's raining on our scheduled Session date?

The weather can be unpredictable at times. I photograph on-location, so if the weather prevents me from capturing the best possible moments of you and your family, we will reschedule.