Jen Rian Photography

... every picture tells a story... 

A Mess of Beautiful Chaos

Portraits should capture the most realist moments! Sometimes those moments call for a little bit of magic. Let's create a session that we can capture forever in a photo and in memory. 

Delightfully Messy

If life wasn't messy then it wouldn't be an adventure. It is our mess that gives us our stories to share, battle wounds to remind us of our survival and sense of creativity to push us to think outside of the box. Every family has their mess and many times it is that mess that is the most beautiful thing that binds the family together. 

Let's turn the mess of life upside down and create something so beautiful and wonderful everyone will see your true blessing and story. 

Capturing you and/or your family's beauty, while creating an exceptional experience is my passion. Through each photo, let's tell your story of how wonderfully, beautifully made you and your family are.   

My Chaos Captured

My passion is to create experiences of a lifetime and capture the moment so it may be savored forever. As a parent of a Global Developmentally Delayed child, our family struggles to capture a family portrait. Our family portrait day; yes, I call it a day because the events leading up to the session can be stressful, starting from trying to get my son dressed, to bribing him to get in the car and then a whole list of bribes to get him to participate and follow directions. Well, by the end of the session, everyone is exhausted and ready for a nap. 

Photo sessions should be an exciting adventure everyone looks forward to. As I began to think of our own family struggles to get that perfect family photo, I found my calling to work with individuals and families that are looking for that family photo with a little adventure.   

Combining creativity, adventure, a camera and a little bit of magic, together we can create an experience where your family can be themselves, create memories and capture the moment. 

Your Beautiful Mess

Spend a moment and think of what it is you enjoy the most, or maybe what your family enjoys doing. Is it playing in the mud? playing piano? a family food fight? a family golf outing?

In your moment are you smiling? Is your family smiling? It is that magical moment of pure joy and happiness that I look to capture in a photo. It is that smile that truly tells the story of you and your family! 

I had seen some of the beautiful pictures that you had taken of close friends and I knew that I wanted you take some family photos of my soon to be blended family. You see, our journey as a family has had lots of transition. Blending a family is a pretty big deal. I knew that you could capture all of the emotions that we were feeling for each other and the way we wanted people to know that we were going to stick together. So, when you asked me if we wanted to do a “mud shoot,” I thought, absolutely! What a great way to go from being clean and separate to blending all of our dirt together as one family. We had so much fun! We had a beautiful day and the most childlike fun that at least some of us hadn’t had for years. The faces of my family were priceless and you captured this exquisitely. I will cherish this moment and these pictures forever. There is no doubt that you will be recommended by me to everyone. I look forward to more photo shoots with you.
— Jill Owens